We are the original and still the best for the highest quality research peptides available here in the UK. We have years of experience in every aspect of peptide research.

Our premium peptides are produced to a minimum purity of 99%. In the rare case of an extremely complex peptide such as ‘Modified GRF (1-29)’ we guarantee a minimum purity of 98%. For example clinical studies and commercial products require a peptide purity of 98% or more. This demonstrates the unparalleled quality of our peptides.

We also offer Wholesale pricing over 100 units. Larger orders require a tailored discount created.

Why Choose us?

We are the UK's No.1 supplier for highest quality research peptides.

We also offer some of the most affordable Peptide products on the market today. We provide you with the finest quality products possible, which shows in our reviews and third-party lab reports.

Our products are manufactured in an GMP Compliant ISO9001 Certified state of the art facility to a purity of >98%

We chose our manufacturer for the quality of the products they produce and our peptides are all tested for purity by HPLC and MS-UPLC analysis, stored in a temperature controlled and monitored system.

We ship from here in the UK via fast and reliable shipping services.

We aim to give you the highest quality product available at the lowest price possible. Our customers are very important to us and make customer service one of our top priorities.