How to store Peptides?

Peptide storage is important to ensure their quality is maintained at the highest level possible. We always suggest storing peptides in a fridge or freezer, but they are stable at room temperature for up to a month depending on sequence length etc.

Below are our suggested storage guidelines:

Mixed (Reconstituted) Peptides Storage

Vials must be stored in the refrigerator (2 to 8 degrees Celsius) Expiry Use within 3-8 weeks of mixing. (Sequence dependent)

Unmixed Peptides Storage

In powder (lyophilized) form vials can be stored frozen (0 to -20 degrees Celsius). Expiry Will remain stable up to 48 months (4 years) in the freezer. We recommend using within 18 months of purchase. Unmixed vials can be stored in the freezer for a period of up to 48 months (4 years); however, if you are going to use the vials within 1-3 months then you can store them in the refrigerator as repeated freeze-thaw cycles can cause damage to the peptide.

For best possible storage conditions, store your peptides in a sealed container away from UV light, away from oxygen and moisture. You can add moisture absorption packages and oxygen absorption packets while packing at room temperate. Then store following the procedure above. Vacuum storage containers are another alternative we recommend.

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